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Hello Circus Protester!

Please use this form to request supplies for your anti-animal circus demonstration from CompassionWorks International. This form is only for use by those we have been in communication with and have agreed to support. 

Based on our experience, we may not send you all of the supplies you request. We have assisted hundreds of circus protests, so we have a good idea of how many posters and leaflets you will need for your demonstration based on your area and the circus performing.

Also, please keep in mind that some circuses use only elephants or only tigers. Make sure you are clear about what animals the circus coming to your town is bringing, and order your posters accordingly.

Note that CompassionWorks International is a small organization. We do not have the vast financial resources that other organizations have. We will send you as many materials as we think you will need and that we can afford, but we do appreciate donations to help us cover our costs. You can click here to donate along with your supplies request. 

We also appreciate credit where it is due. Please tag us in your posts and let everyone know that we are supporting you!

Thank you!